About Me

As an entrepreneur since the day I gave birth to my first child over 31 years ago, I have never regretted relinquishing a traditional job. Using my broad experiences, talents, and creativity to help people with their needs, to reach their goals and dreams is my passion and what I do best.

While raising my children, I owned and operated a photographic portrait studio for ten years. Needing a more lucrative career to support my family, I got my Realtor’s license and have successfully sold residential real estate for 14 years.

Something I discovered a long time ago when I lost three loved ones very close to me is that life is short. We never know how much time we actually have to enjoy life. We are always too busy trying to make ends meet or on a treadmill trying to get things done. But as I get older, I realize time is getting shorter to experience the beautiful pleasures of life.

I am a single mother although my children are grown now. What I wouldn’t have given to have had a helping hand when raising my family! Someone to shop, cook, do household projects, decorate the Christmas tree, and repair things. You know what happened instead? So many things just didn’t get done.

We Italians have a saying: la dolce vita. It means “the sweet life.”  Italians know how to appreciate all aspects of life by slowing down every day and savoring the beauty surrounding them. I suggest we Americans need to take a hint from the Italians and enjoy la dolce vita. We will live a longer, enriched life.

Let GRAZIE CONCIERGE take some weight off your shoulders and give you back the time you deserve.

At your service,

Claire Cavalieri