Grocery Shopping – It’s so frustrating to look in your bare refrigerator and cupboards and feel like “old Mother Hubbard.” Just give your grocery list to GRAZIE CONCIERGE and we will shop at your preferred grocery store. Your shelves will be filled up in no time! Don’t waste your own time!

Interior Design/Decorating selection – GRAZIE CONCIERGE believes in “less is more.” It is better to have fewer statement pieces making a strong impact than having lots of insignificant items making no impact. We will help you de-clutter your home environment then select statement pieces that represent your taste and your home’s unique style.

Wardrobe Styling – Feel the need for a style pick-me-up? A private consultation is the first step to assess any wardrobe adjustments. GRAZIE CONCIERGE will help you make good decisions about what garments are no longer useful. We then advise you on what new items will add functionality and make a statement in your fashion voice.

Gift Purchasing (wrapping and delivery optional) – Do you need help with gift ideas for your boss or your best friend who has everything? You don’t have time to go searching for just the right gift for your parents’ anniversary! GRAZIE CONCIERGE to the rescue!

Personal Needs – Call us for any type of shopping concerns.

Travel Preparations – There are so many special items needed when getting ready for travel, particularly international travel. We have a lists of things you don’t want to forget. They will be in your suitcase before you can say bon voyage!

Event Planning/Buying – When you host an event, GRAZIE CONCIERGE is at your side. Do you need table accessories or home décor? Flowers? Appetizer trays? Whatever the case may be, we are on top of it, ensuring items are ordered and picked up on time for the big day.